nice to meet you, I’m amaria!

I am the founder of Balanced Work, Virtual Assistance. I provide balance to an array of business professionals, but essentially I work with small businesses and solopreneurs/entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams with every ounce of their being. I help my client base increase the time that they have to engage with their tribe on social media and through email marketing campaigns. During the week, you can find me sipping cherry-vanilla cola while learning new platforms to suggest to my clients to achieve the goals that they have when it comes to engaging with their client base. I love to chat with my clients on a regular about their goals, fears and ambitions. I love knowing what drives them in their business, because I understand that being an entrepreneur or small business owner is not easy. There are many elements that come into running your own business. You have to make sure that you have a product that people want and if that is not already hard enough, you have to make sure that you can reach them with your message.

When I am not focusing on my client base of superstars or increasing the online presence of Balanced Work, you can find me listening to new music on Spotify driving around my town, connecting with people in bookstores, or reading reviews on new products to make sure I am always up to date on what’s out! Born in North Carolina and raised in Virginia, I founded Balanced Work, VA with the idea to give entrepreneurs the ability to enjoy their business again and to know that they do not have to go at it alone!

Our Vision

We strive to build trust with our clients.

We want to prove to be a valuable asset to our clients. 

We hope to give our clients a great experience while using our virtual assistance.