Do I Have To Have A Company For Assistance?

The answer to this question is of course not! We offer virtual assistance, which does not have a limitation on who gets assistance and who does not. If you are a college student, editor, social media blogger, YouTube blogger, etc. we can provide you with support if you need it. We do not prioritize our services to a particular target audience, we aim to help everyone we can. One of the three packages that we offer is the “Hire per task” to accommodate prospective clients that may not fall into the scope of any of the provided services, but may still need help

Website creation is a task that we offer per request that we do not openly promote, for the reason that there are so many functions that go along with website creation that we prefer for our clients to request that service specifically. Do you need help researching different topics and collecting that research for a project? We can help you do that. Do you need to have someone format your excel spreadsheet with formulas and conditional formatting for valuable information? We can do that too. We offer assistance to those in need, which is why we customize our packages to each client instead of providing a flat rate for all services. As a company we want to engage with our clients to show that we are interested in attributing to your success by any means that we can provide.

How Do I Request A Task?

We can help you find the place where we receive the most client requests. If you navigate through our website, you should see a page titled “Our Services.” Once you select that page, scroll to the bottom to “Our Packages.” On that page is where you will find our client form and for tasks similar to the one that is listed above, you can select the “Hire per task” in the form, and we will know that you are requesting assistance with a certain task and are not sure that it constitutes using the other package. If you get confused along this journey, we are here to help you communicate with us in real time! We offer a 24/7 Live Chat window located on the right-hand side of all the pages, and we provide the option to schedule a consultation with us. We want to make sure that you have all the information on hand before we onboard you as a new client.

What Sets Us Apart?

When we take on a client, we are looking at the full scope of the services that they need. There are times when we may offer a service that we can see that you may need, that you did not think of before. Also, as mentioned above, we care about our clients and their success. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our clients to make sure that we can service all of their needs. We admit we do not know every software that is out right now as technology is always improving our everyday lives with one app after another. However, we do promise to learn as much information that we can to perform the task that our clients need.

If you are reading this article and think that our company is amazing and you want to support our vision, you can donate using the button below! We appreciate all of our supporters and clients that we have serviced to get here. Thank you so much for putting faith in our services!