Located Overseas? We Can Still Assist You

Does Location Matter?

Location does not matter as long as you can communicate using basic English. All of our virtual assistants are native English speakers. While we can translate documents using Google Translate, ability to speak English is essential. We are curretly assisting clients located in Europe and South Africa!

What About The Different Timezones?

This was a challenge when we were starting out and as we have expanded, we have found a system that works for all of our current clients. Our long-term clients, hourly and monthly, have user accounts on our website. We can configure the time difference and create a work schedule that works based on the assistance that they need.

How Do We Complete Work?

We work around the clock to be certain that we accomplish tasks efficiently. We work with Asana and Trello to manage tasks that are assigned. We are also users of Google Suites, Microsoft Suites, Dropbox and more which are essential to creating a place to share documents and more. If our users, for some reason, are not able to set up accounts on those platforms that are where the user account comes in. Our workflow is integrated into a platform that we will explain during our onboarding process. We are always happy to learn new software and our clients use database management tools that we have not listed; we are willing to learn!