Website Creation & Monthly Management

What Is Lady Kits Foundation?

Every woman knows the feeling, it is that time of the month, and you are bracing yourself to go through the process of your cycle. The bloating, cramps, irritation and fatigue of a woman’s cycle can have even the best of us in a fetal position with a bottle of ibuprofen. Many of us, used to always having our heating pads and such, are unable to comprehend having to endure without them. Now imagine, you not only have none of your cycle remedies but you are in the elements of the world without the basic feminine necessities. "We Are Founded By Women, For Women" is the concept of this foundation; you can donate by visiting their GoFundMe.

We Create Websites: Affordable Service

WordPress can be challenging at times to navigate. Often, we have run into clients who have both domain and an ideal template, but they do not know how to get their vision into the framework. We can assist in various ways outside of the scope of basic Administrative tasks. We offer website creation and monthly maintenance.

Monthly Services

We always offer monthly maintenance for websites that we create. We bond with our work, and we would not want to abandon our clients once we complete the framework. Every website needs to be retouched every month or so for additional content and more. We are the kind of assistants that want to grow with our clients.

Additional Services Included

We did not stop at creating the website and offering a monthly update. We also created content for this website based on the founders personal story. In addition to all of those services, we went the extra mile of creating this foundation's GoFundMe page so that they can start collecting donations. We love what we do, and we are not in this business solely for profit. We have a passion for quality service!