How to Know When You Are Ready For a Virtual Assistant

Greetings from our team of Balancers, 

Here's the truth, are you ready? 

If you are asking the question, it's time to write your list of responsibilities that you need to start outsourcing. Business professionals are accustomed to being at the steering wheel of their business. As their business grows, they are not sure when it is time to let someone help them steer. Asking this question comes from having an abundance of tasks and important things that need to be taken care of but a shortage of time to get everything done.

You may know that you are almost extended beyond your ability to maintain the number of tasks that you have on your plate, and that is okay, we all wish that there were more hours in the day. 

The great news? Some people would love nothing more to get their hands in there to help you by providing professional services that you. There is a fundamental fact that many people miss when it comes to the field of virtual assistance, as it is relatively new and expanding more and more with the innovations in technology. The fact is that the only difference between virtual assistants and office assistants is that virtual assistants have office spaces of their own. There are a variety of tasks and projects that can be assigned to either one.

Do you need a few more ways to tell if you need a virtual assistant?

  • All work with no true results: You are working nonstop, but you feel like a hamster in a wheel - you feel that you should be getting more accomplished in your day but always have to put something off until the next day.

  • Falling Behind: You are experiencing challenges making sure that you are keeping track of meetings, deadlines and work details. Paperwork can become such a tedious and time consuming task, add in having a calendar full of appointments and meetings and you have a perfect recipe for chaos.

  • Workload Overload: You are loaded with so many tasks that you can not welcome new business opportunities. Your workload is piled high with tasks that seemed easily achievable at one point of time but now you find yourself racing against the clock at all times.

  • Missing target dates: You find yourself procrastinating at completing more essential tasks. You have got to finish entering invoices into your Excel sheet for your company reports, but you've find yourself surfing the web instead (it's okay, we have all gotten loss in the rabbit hole of Pinterest at least once, you are not alone).

  • Lacking areas of expertise: You have learned that there are certain parts of your business that you rather not deal with because you have more important things to get accomplished, and you may not have the time needed to learn and master that area desired.

  • Your budget says "yes": If you can afford the extra help, virtual assistance is very cost effective and can fit into almost any budget. Take a moment to outline the things that you can outsource to your virtual assistant and with what you can pay for that service. Let your budget be your guide!

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