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Admin Services

Organize your calendar and manage meetings

Book flights, hotels and organize travel itineraries

Find, research and order products and services online

Schedule and manage your important appointments

Event coordination, organization and management

Updating and organizing your contacts

Providing customer service to your clients

Filtering, organizing & managing your email accounts

Managing & answering to blog comments

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Data Entry

Responding to email, support tickets, chat requests

Data entry in Word, Excel or Google Sheets

Basic copywriting skills: headlines, landing page and email copy

Preparing Powerpoint presentations

Watch a video course and document notes

Convert your handwritten notes into a document on any platform (Google Docs, Word, etc.) 

Transcribe audio/video recordings (max 60min)

Edit/Proofread blog posts & content with our Grammar Software

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Personal Assistant

Remind you of important dates and events

Manage your social media

Project Management

Maintain communication between you and your team. 

Help respond to quick and simple emails

Take calls on your behalf

Arrange for external services (Uber, Reservation, etc.)

Book business (and personal) travel arrangements

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Social Media

Social media profiles setup

Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups

Facebook Group administration and member management

Twitter monitoring

Facebook management

Social media promotion & advertising

Schedule Tweets & Posts

Track Mentions & Hashtags


Please keep in mind, this list is not all that we can do for you. There is no limit on how much your balancer can learn from you. Your balancer will always learn new skills specific to your business and needs.  Talk to your balancer about the specifics.

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Amaria ROgers - CEO

When this company was created, she was no more than a determined college student with experience in business as an Intern Executive Assistant. That internship in business was her first opportunity to see how she could use her full potential to balance the workload of her employer. She continued to learn and grow by becoming the President of a small time student organization and growing their presence on campus. 

Where did we get our start?

We started as a freelance virtual assistance business on Fiverr in February of 2018. From there we grew our clientele until we were able to sustain on our own. We started small with a few small gigs and then we grew to five long-term clients. We have helped small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profit organization leaders balance their workload so that they can focus on other aspects of their careers.