Balanced Work, Virtual Assistance

let us balance your workload

administrative support done the right way!

Take control over where you spend your time. No longer will you waste time sending emails to clients, building pricing structures for products or scheduling appointments with leads. You will be able to focus on the things that matter, such as conducting a masterclass or consulting with leads (turning them into revenue bringing clients). Balance by Duration (starting at $130/per month) is our most valuable package because it saves my clients a ton of time worrying with the process part of their business.

They become the creators again! They are free to engage with their clients on a different level than before. We help our clients fall in love with solopreneurship all over again by freeing them from the stress of processes and understanding software to achieve their goals. You know exactly where your pain points are when it comes to your business, there is never enough time in the day to just relax and connect with clients only.

As your balancer, we will help you maximize your time in the places that matter (on the front end with your clients). We will be able to build your business with every promotion and launch that you have making sure that you leads are funneled to the places you desire. This is our highest requested package because:

  • Allows you to focus on your client base solely.

  • Maximize your time in the areas that matter to you… and by “maximize” we mean drastically increase the time you have to create content and engage with revenue generating clients.

  • Relieves the stress of having to be your client relations team, the CEO, your content creator and your sales team.

  • Builds consistency in your business with processes in place that take care of themselves.


Become balanced in ways you’ve never imagined…

Ultimate balancer package

Please keep in mind, this list is not all that we can do for you, however, there is no limit on how much your balancer can learn from you!

  • Calendar Management (imagine having all of your consultations scheduled automatically).

  • Client Relations Support (email and chat support to all of your leads and clients).

  • Client Relations Management Database (have your CRM organized in ways that you have not thought of to increase the connection between you and your client base).

  • Optimization of Company Email Accounts (filters and labels for all of your recurring emails).

  • Website Monitoring & Engagement (we will monitor your blogs and engage in comments).

  • Document Formatting (clear formatting and branding in all documents across the board).

  • Basic Copywriting (up to 5 email templates for customer support).

  • Review Courses & Material (we will review videos and content on your behalf to provide a summary).

  • Lite Transcription (up to 1 hour of transcribed content for no additional fees).

  • Lite Social Media Management (we will schedule content for your platforms and engage with your followers on a regular basis).

  • Company Liaison (if you have hired a freelancer to handle aspects of a project, we will communicate with them until the project is completed).